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Swastik Imported Bitumen

Bitumen is the end product in the crude distillation process. This raw bitumen is called Straight grade bitumen.

Straight Grade BITUMEN 60/70 / BITUMEN VG-30 (IS:73) is being used in construction and maintenance of roads, allied and airfields constructions, manufacturing of various grades of bitumen Emulsion.

The straight grade bitumen obtained from the refineries is processed in our highly modernized plant through the exothermic reaction, to the relevant time limit to produce the desired Paving Grades as per the specifications.


Sr. No. TEST PARAMETERS VG-10 (80/100) VG-30 (60/70)
1 Absolute viscosity at 60°C, poises, Min. 800 2400
2 Kinematic viscosity at 135 °C, cSt, Min. 250 350
3 Flash point cleave land open cup, °C, Min. 220 °C 220 °C
4 Penetration at 25 °C,100 gm5 sec, 1/10 mm 80-100 50-70
5 Softening point (R&B), °C.,Min 40 °C 47 °C
6 Matter soluble in Trichloroethylene, % by  mass, Min. 99 99
7 Thin Film Oven Test, on Residue Viscosity ratio at 60° C ,Max. 4.0 4.0
8 Ductility at 25° C, cm, after TFOT Min. 75 40

We have Imported Bitumen 60/70, considered to be one of the best in quality from affiliated refineries of Middle East. Packing: 192 kg (Gross wt) 180 kg (Net wt) +/- 3 kgs