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Swastik bond

Bitumen Bond is an adhesive of semi-liquid consistency, creamy in appearance and is ready to use just as it comes in the container. It is recommended for sticking roofing felts on metal, timber, tiles, asbestos and concrete masonry surfaces. It is ideally suited for sticking waterproofing felts to roofs of buses, railway carriages etc.


Bitumen Bond is a rubber based Bituminous Adhesive of brushable consistency.


       Can use in all weather condition
       Repairs on roads, motor ways, bridges, pavements
       Easy and environmentally friendly repairs


Bitumen Bond is recommended for the fixing of expanded/extruded Polystyrene, insulex soft boards and fibre glass insulation slabs for all type of structures where bituminous adhesive is acceptable.

  • It may be used to stick insulation sheets on to concrete, timber, metal or other insulation sheets.
  • It is particularly suitable for use in cold storage to ensure good adhesion to walls and ceilings and may also be used for sticking thermocole for insulation of refrigeration pipe work site.

Technical Specification:

Description Standard
Colour Black
Viscosity in Sec. (10 mm Cups) 15
Consistency Brushable
Drying Time (Hours) 24 Hrs.
Dry Film Thickness 150 Microns
Flash Point 40oC
Specific Gravity 0.95

Health & Safety

      • Bitumen Bond is a non toxic rubber based bituminous adhesive.
      • Not harmful if inhaled.
      • Use goggles and hand gloves during application.
      • Clean hands with warm soap water after application


      • Available in 20 Ltr (Tin) & 200 Ltr (Drum)

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