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Swastik Plast

(Bituminous Compound for Waterproofing & Caulking purpose)

Bitumen Plast is a cold applied bituminous with mineral fillers in volatile solvent to retain its plasticity. It is ideal for use in conditions where a certain degree of expansions, contractions and vibrations are expected. It is Uses for application on vertical or sloping surfaces for caulking purpose.


      • Road Construction maintenance
      • Manufacturing of Dry Batteries
      • Manufacturing of paints
      • Cold Storage Houses


      • 20 kgs (tin) & 200 kgs (drums)

Technical Specifications: AS PER IS 1580: 1991

Description Requirement Result
Water Content, % By Mass, Max. 0.5 0.3
Ash Content, % By Mass, Mix. 40 31
Flow Shall Satisfy the Req. Shall Satisfy the Req.
Flash Point, oC, Min. 35 40
Flexibility & Adhesion Shall Satisfy the Req. Shall Satisfy the Req.
- Before Setting (test After 1 Hr), Min. :
- After Setting (test After 24 Hr), Min. :

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