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Bituminous Flash tape / Flash strip


Bitumen Based Flashing Tapes / Strip are cold applied self- adhesive tapes with one side bitumen adhesive protected by release film and other side is re-enforced aluminum foil. This tape is very useful to prevent leakages, fill cracks, joints for various surface like Metal, cement, asbestos, fiber, plastic, vinyl etc. Bituminous Flashing Tape/Strip is widely used for flashing applications. Flashing Tape/Strip is a simple yet highly effective solution for waterproofing, sealing and insulation.


It is a convenient, ready-to-use self-adhesive bitumen flashing tape/strip with a reflective aluminum foil face. It has following features –

      • Excellent adhesion to most substrates without needing a primer
      • Flexible, Durable and tear resistance


Bituminous Waterproofing

      • Bonds to itself so can be overlapped or repaired
      • Ready to use self-adhesive – simply peel and apply with hand pressure, No skilled labor or special equipment required
      • Versatile – can waterproof a variety of applications
      • Compatible with bituminous roof treatments, Easy release silicone backing paper.

Method of application

      • Roofs - around chimneys and skylights, over joints/ cracks in tiles and roof cladding
      • Exterior walls - joints and cracks in asbestos cement sheeting, cracks under masonry ties and anchorages, around wall penetrations (such as water pipes), gutters and down pipes.
      • Terraces - at joints between terraces and exterior walls, joints in parapets, roof edges, sides, flashing and joints. Inside the house - leaking pipes, showers etc.
      • Use over old paint and waterproof plaster, cement, fibre-cement, bricks, roof tiles and slates, galvanized iron, metal, bituminous treatments, felts, wood and plastic.
      • Ideal for box gutters, valley gutters and downpipes.


      • Unroll and cut Bitumen Aluminum leak proof Flashing Tape/Strip to the required length.
      • Peel the backing strip and apply the adhesive side onto the prepared substrate. Ensure that the tape is placed snugly against angular structures.
      • Smooth down using a cloth, roller (seam, wallpaper or rubber) or gentle fingertip pressure to prevent air pockets and creases, and to ensure good contact is made. Work from the center outwards.
      • Press firmly along the edges to ensure a tight seal.
      • To improve adhesion in cold weather, store the tape at a warm room temperature before use.


      • WIDTH -2 INCH, 4 INCH, 6 INCH & LENGTH – 10 METER

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